We cannot no communicate

I been hearing that for a while now and all the time it’s yes, as you cannot be 100% still, but now I’m making a connection on my head, I’m a former System Administrator, that now that I wrote it sounds like a very generalistic title, studying that I learn a few concepts about how a super secure system is not flexible or usable, it’s like what people complain about Linux or when Windows started to ask all the time for each permission to do anything, how if you do everything from scratch and you don’t delegate, everything becomes slow, maybe that can be fun for some but it’s not a system for people to live, we need to relay in automatic process, yes update them but we cannot control everything.

Also I learn a bit about Networks and how internet works, about how computers communicate, and process are executed, sometimes the order is important, others is not.

But what strikes me here was the idea of we’re sending signals all the time in every direction, we cannot stop them but at the same time we cannot hear them or understand them, coming back to the network idea if you don’t have internet in your house or is very stable is because basically 2 reasons.

Attenuation — you’re too far, the signal dissipates on her way and maybe don’t even arrive, because the channel takes a bit of that signal in each step.

Noise — the channel has noise that if you add attenuation to it the signal can arrive but so low that you can’t hear because it’s lower than the noise around.

This noise when we talk about the body I think that usually it’s Tension, if the attenuation is not big enough you can track the signal after the noise but you won’t be able to recognize the message on the high noisy part.

We need to do less, relax more to have room in order to give to communication a chance and from there Cooperation & Coordination can happen

I try to keep my self doing mistakes everyday. Actually I’m making most of them using the Fighting Monkey practice and Parkour, sometimes BJJ and writing.