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The Fighting Monkey 14 intensive just ended

during this my first “intensive” experience I been lucky enough to share conversations and ideas with smart low voices that think deep and run quiet.

During those conversations and lectures one of the ideas that I want to keep on my notebook and practice is the idea of the Inner Strength, the physical one, now I’m not talking about the power of the will, that will be necessary to obtain it. …

I been hearing that for a while now and all the time it’s yes, as you cannot be 100% still, but now I’m making a connection on my head, I’m a former System Administrator, that now that I wrote it sounds like a very generalistic title, studying that I learn a few concepts about how a super secure system is not flexible or usable, it’s like what people complain about Linux or when Windows started to ask all the time for each permission to do anything, how if you do everything from scratch and you don’t delegate, everything becomes slow…

When you start playing a new board game, the first rounds, the first games you don’t even try to win,
You don’t even try almost to play,
You observe and you follow the game with lightness
After some rounds you start to try new stuff,
Bend the rules,
Make mistakes,
To learn, To understand

Why we don’t do that with our day?
Why do not try to practice in that way?
That’s the way that we suffer the less and learn the most.

We do not learn with a photocopy
We do not want to be a photocopy

If my students move as I move is because they think as I think, because they solutions to problems are the same as mine.
We’ll be the same person and we won’t be adding nothing or helping each other, just two people making the same mistakes.

Moonwalking with Einstein excerpt:
“We read and read and read, and we forget and forget and forget.”
“the fact that the ancient Greek word most commonly used to signify ‘to read’ was ánagignósko, which means to ‘know again’, or ‘to recollect’…

Since I started the @fightingmonkey_rootlessroot mentorship there are a few ideas and questions that have been coming again and again, fitting together stronger and making sense together.

All this three were on the first month but they are strong enough to come back month after month, eight so far
Awareness is to bring something into existence
Monotony is dead
Why some people change and other don’t?

Starting from the end, why some change and others not?
Some don’t change because they think that they are right
Some don’t change because they think they cannot change
Some don’t know that there…

The Trained Monkey
During the last month one the questions that we been working is:
A trained Monkey is a better Monkey?

Can you improve nature?
The Dao explains and plays around a very similar concept the Wu Wei, the no doing, the little change, the non action, effortless action

Dao De Jin on chapter 17 says:

When the Master governs, the people
are hardly aware that he exists.
Next best is a leader who is loved.
next, one who is feared.
The worst is one who is despised.

Lao Tzu said “The best leaders are those the people hardly…

You don’t need to be awesome to be an artist, you don’t need to capitalice Art to be an artist, being an artist is a decision is step forward and expose yourself in everything that you do.

You don’t need to be great yet on your craft or your game to do art, is a process, but your intention must be there, out of disciple constraints and limitations that society likes to create in order to understand you and know what to expect.

Go out of the cave and allow the world to fuck you. There is other way?

I’m thankful with @jesse.danger for a conversation that provably he didn’t remember about this.

As Erika Badu said ..”keep on mind that I’m an artist, I’m Sensitive about My Shit”

Sensitive — Brother Ali


Yes, to play that precise game you need to, but just join an game and try to figurate the rules on the fly can be interesting and fun, that can be your game until you know the rules and then you’re playing the game.

Now a tricky one, how much percentage of the rules of the game you need to know before you’re playing the game? And if there is a game where the rules change? Then nobody is playing the game? Everybody is playing the game?

It’s even slightly relevant to be playing the game? It’s not enough to PLAY?

This is just a mental exercise, this is not important, but next time that you play a game, alone or with others… think about it, maybe you end creating some cool variation.

I heard @jesse.danger saying that a teacher will pay for good students
Also I heard @dan_edwardes saying that a good teacher will teach thru good questions.

The good student makes good questions as a good teacher, then the student it’s the teacher of the teacher and that leads me to “The quantum physics theory about learning”

No Mather what be humble on your role and make questions, the question doesn’t need to be a super thoughtful question after 3 days on a cave watching a rock, can be a spontaneous — Why? …

Labels and names are tools, not for self description rather that a tool to help others to understand a bit better who I am and what to expect.

* expectatives *
They are kind of cool for a first encounter for sure it’s better approach everything with an open mind and try to forget what do you think that you know and live the experience but let’s be honest.

After that first experience everything speak by them self and no labels will be necessary any more.

Then names are useful but let’s give the chance to the names to change…


I try to keep my self doing mistakes everyday. Actually I’m making most of them using the Fighting Monkey practice and Parkour, sometimes BJJ and writing.

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